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MASK Associates began business as an exporter of jute in 1982 and became involved in jute manufacturing and processing soon thereafter. The company was incorporated as a Limited Liability entity during the late 80s and, since then, has become a global organisation with a dedicated and motivated team of employees and affiliates worldwide. Each of our team members, including our valued clients, are passionate about promoting Bangladeshi Jute as one of the top natural fibres in the world. Our multilingual team consists of people with over 30 years experience in the Jute Industry. Today, MASK has grown into a global brand. Our jute is carefully sourced and processed with due care and attention, allowing us to provide jute products manufactured from some of the best fibres in the world. Our Statistical Quality Control team ensures that we are able to consistently meet the exacting needs of our clients while our dedicated spaces from Depot Service providers at local ports ensure that our goods can be transported swiftly and efficiently, thereby eliminating the impact of unnecessary delays upon our client’s supply chains.

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"Green Biz and Green Entity"

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We pride ourselves in being a green business organisation from start to finish with a product that, itself, is one of the most environmentally friendly mass-produced fibres in the world. Jute is renowned for being completely biodegradable from seed through to expired fibre and the product can be recycled multiple times. In South-East Asia, even the leaves of the jute plant are used for culinary purposes, thereby ensuring that no part of the plant is ever wasted. MASK Associates actively invests in ongoing Research and Development to ensure that our manufacturing, processing, transport and operations activities are aligned with our objective of being classified as a green business. In addition to our green philosophy, we classify ourselves as a social business with the objective of improving the livelihoods of those at the lowest levels of the jute industry and of society as a whole. We also champion the use of jute and jute products as a means of reducing the carbon footprint of our planet. During the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, MASK Associates suggested the ability of jute to soak up oil spillages in an ecologically viable manner, a move which was subsequently endorsed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Washington DC.

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